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Let’s talk about HGH Supplements & HGH for Sale Options.

I assume you’ve heard of HGH before, correct? It means Human Growth Hormone – a hormone that your body makes naturally and which tends to peak in your early 20s.

Then the decline starts – and the anti-aging industry jumps into action, with HGH dr-Henry-cliffsupplements and miraculous claims of HGH benefits like more energy, greater muscle tone, better sex drive and a younger version of you.

Basically, HGH is a miracle cure. Or that’s what you’re led to believe.

As a nutrition expert with over 13 years in the field, I’ve spent A LOT of time immersed in human physiology and the study of HGH. I can tell you unequivocally that most of the promises you’re fed by the good folks who make HGH supplements is the equivalent of sawdust.

Most…but not all. It’s my job to help you wade through the crap and find those HGH products that truly deliver. It’s my passion, and frankly, my responsibility to do it.

About HGH

HGH is a peptide hormone secreted by your pituitary gland. It governs your cell growth and regeneration.

Your height, bone density, muscle tone, metabolism and even your hair color, among other things, are all influenced by this essential hormone.

Most people start making less Growth Hormone in their mid-twenties. After that, it’s downhill, at about 10% less HGH each decade after 30. That explains much of why you get wrinkles, put on weight, lose muscle and generally look the part of an aging adult.

The HGH industry caters to people who want that strut back, typically with two options. The first is synthetic HGH, also called somatropin. This is a drug – it’s Human Growth Hormone made in a lab.

Synthetic HGH is illegal when used without a doctor prescription. There are health considerations too – making synthetic HGH a can of worms most folks would do well to leave shut.

Your other option is a natural HGH supplement. These are typically dietary supplements, taken orally and/or with a spray.

This is where most people buy HGH – and pitfall AND an opportunity. You just have to know where to look.

Human Growth Hormone Benefits

The good news about HGH supplements is that they can deliver anti-aging benefits that really do turn back the clock. I’ve seen this, having worked in the field for well over a decade. Buy the right HGH supplements and you’ll enjoy:

HGH Benefits

HGH Benefits

More Energy

Greater Muscle Tone

Easier Weight Loss

Better Sexual Function

Faster Healing

Sharp Memory

Better Sleep

Younger Skin

Reversal of Aging

Notice I said the right HGH supplement. That’s the caveat with Human Growth Hormone – everyone and their kid brother wants in on the fun. And that leads to many – MOST even – that don’t work at best and at worst, well, you don’t want to know.

What you should know before buying HGH

When looking around for HGH supplements, it is crucial that you consider the list of ingredients present in them and their dosage. For instance there are some products that promise great results but are not effective because of low dosage.

How long does it take to show results?

Each individual is unique and has distinct genetic makeup as well as DNA. This simply means that different people respond in a different way to the increase in HGH level and they experience results at different lengths of time. For instance, if a person says A starts taking HGH to lose weight along with following a diet and regular exercise schedule, it may take some months to lose the weight desired by the person and reach he size as compared to person B who wants to lose more weight than person A.

For the very first time in human history, people have started enjoying the improved quality of life with the help of HGH therapy, exercise, and balanced diet. HGH has indeed proved to help reduce risks of severe illnesses and also improve immunity to fight common health issues. For all those who are inclined towards using HGH products to enjoy the benefits, there are various effective and safe supplements to use. We have talked about them in this post below.

The HGH supplements we have mentioned here are all safe and natural with no harmful side effects on the body. Also, HGH has been linked with overall improvement and betterment in quality of life and wellbeing.

Going back to the set of studies conducted by Chein and Terry, results have shown that it offers the additional benefits like:

  • 67% improvement in emotional mood and stability
  • 78% improvement in overall attitude towards life
  • 62% improvement in memory

 Where to Buy HGH Supplements?

Most of the HGH products you see online are called ‘HGH releasers’. They’re designed to encourage your body to release growth hormone on its own.

Typically, there is no HGH in the formula. That’s why you can buy it online. If it were synthetic HGH it would be a drug.

It goes without saying you want an HGH releaser that delivers results. You work hard for your money. But I assume you’re not in a position to drop $30,000+ per year for synthetic HGH – correct? And you likely can’t convince a (legitimate) doctor to prescribe it either. That pretty much points you to HGH supplements.

That’s where the magic of the internet takes over. You Google ‘best HGH supplements’ and see what pops up.

Let’s Put HGH Products to the Test

Now, about that ‘magic of the internet’…

While it truly is a marvel of engineering, it can be less-than-helpful when looking for HGH products because…well…most of them are garbage.

They don’t work (on a good day!) and could be playing dangerous games with your health if you’re on the unluckier end.

Not to mention the fact that, hey, you work hard for your money. You want results for your purchase.

I’m here to help you find them.

Pull up a chair and join me. Welcome to HGHAdvices, where we’ll talk about the best and worst of HGH supplements. Want to live better?  Then let’s get down to business…

2018’s 3 Best HGH for Sale Options

Rated Number 1 GenF20 Plus

 GenF20 Plus HGH

Overall: 98/100 98%
Speed of Results: 97/100 97%
Ingredient Quality: 97/100 97%
Product Safety: 99/100 99%
Long Term Results: 98/100 98%
Customer Feedback: 97/100 97%
Industry Reputation: 98/100 98%
Guarantee: 60-Day Money Back
HENRY’s Rating: 99%

It is the natural hormone releaser which uses amino acids, nutrients as well as peptides to trigger the release of HGH in the body. This product is indeed the safest way to enjoy increased levels of energy, better mental function, more lean muscle mass, better sleep, decreased amounts of fat and boosted sexual drive. Made with active ingredients like Lysine, Arginine, GABA, deer antler velvet, L Valine, Colostrum and much more, GenF20 Plus serves to be the best HGH supplement around.

The formula is intelligently designed hitting all the key areas that will lead to size and hardness gains. It has what I call the BIG 3. It has a strong vasodilatation profile, an effective “targeted delivery system” and most importantly, it has super potent levels of the Protodioscin that produces free testosterone in your body. Without the T boost – you have no shot at getting bigger or harder.

* Individual results may vary

GenF20 Plus Ingredients

Here is the list of ingredients in GenF20 Plus that make it a wonderful HGH releaser:

L Glutamine

It maintains cell division, cell growth and muscle health.

L Arginine

Not produced naturally in the body, this helps to triple your level of HGH in the body.

Astragalus Root Extract

It helps to improve the digestion and metabolism.

Pituitary Anterior powder

This helps the pituitary gland to produce more of growth hormone in the body.

L Glycine

This ingredient helps to stimulate the pituitary gland release growth hormone

L Valine

It stimulates the amino acid which boosts your body’s metabolism.

L Tyrosine

This is a vital hormone that helps in reducing depression and tiredness.

L Lysine

It helps to improve the immune system and also promotes good genital health.


This helps to boost the immune system, helps with improving bone density and also promotes lean muscle mass.

L Ornithine

It helps to triple the levels of HGH.

Phosphatidyl Choline

This helps our body to absorb the ingredients present in GenF20 Plus.

GTF Chromium

It helps the glucose from bloodstream to enter the cells.  

Deer Antler Velvet

This contains the anti-aging super elements like collagen, chondroitin, and glucosamine.

Is GenF20 Plus safe?

Yes, absolutely! GenF20 Plus is the natural HGH releaser that triggers the body to produce natural HGH on its own. So, as the hormone is produced naturally by the body, without any external interference it is totally without any side effects. Also, the ingredients are all safe and effective, resulting in a safe and secure HGH supplement for the users.

What’s so promising about this product?

The HGH supplement comes with a 67 days money back guarantee when you buy GenF20 Plus from its official website. I would surely recommend this releaser as it is the best HGH supplement out there with no side effects at all.

How to use it?

There are 2 important things that you should know about GenF20 Plus administration. First, there are 2 forms of the releaser- the capsules and the spray which need to be used together to reap maximum benefits of the product. Second, you should take the supplement as directed on the label or as prescribed by your doctor to enjoy the best of benefits.

At the end of the day I give my top most praise for GenF20 Plus; it is clearly the Michael Jordan of penis pills, the Rolls Royce of the business. You will not be disappointed… GenF20 Plus is the real deal!!

* Individual results may vary

You can get GenF20 Plus directly from the company at www.genf20.com or by calling them directly. Grade A++

Rated Number 2 HyperGH 14X

Overall: 95/100 95%
Speed of Results: 91/100 91%
Ingredient Quality: 97/100 97%
Product Safety: 99/100 99%
Long Term Results: 95/100 95%
Customer Feedback: 95/100 95%
Industry Reputation: 97/100 97%
Guarantee: 60-Day Money Back
HENRY’s Rating: 96%

HyperGH 14X is the natural dietary formula that plays a very important role in the production of growth hormone in the body. The releaser is designed with all natural ingredients that help the body to produce growth hormone on its own and helps you to burn fat, gain muscles as well as improve your workout performance. The manufacturer claims that this HGH supplement is designed in a way that it assists in body growth and development in a natural way.

The ingredients used in HyperGH 14X include:

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

This helps to cure the problem of ED (erectile dysfunction) in men and also improves the testosterone level.


This amino acid helps to stimulate natural HGH production in the body.

Deer Antler Velvet

This helps to enhance and improve the growth of your body.

L Arginine

This helps in increasing the growth hormone in the body and also plays a crucial role in development of lean muscle mass. It further helps in strengthening the energy levels.

L Glycine

This ingredient is the stimulatory agent that stimulates the pituitary gland for secretion of natural growth hormone in the body.

L Glutamine

This is an amino acid that helps to boost the metabolism, improve body development and growth and also maintain your body.

L Tyrosine

This is used by the thyroid gland to synthesize thyroxin that in turn helps to reduce fatigue, regulate growth and improve metabolism.

L Lysine

It plays a vital role when it comes to improving one’s physical performance.

Astragalus Root Extract

This helps in boosting the metabolism and improving overall health.  

HyperGH 14X is the natural releaser that is used by a lot of bodybuilders to have better, stronger muscles, enhance their workout sessions, improve recovery time after injuries etc. The formula is claimed to be highly potent in increasing the energy level in the body through improved metabolism and better immunity. A lot of users have reported an increase in their workout performance and results.

You can get HyperGH 14X directly from the company at www.hypergh14x.com or by calling them directly. Grade A

Rated Number 3 GenFX

Overall: 94/100 94%
Speed of Results: 94/100 94%
Ingredient Quality: 97/100 97%
Product Safety: 95/100 95%
Long Term Results: 88/100 88%
Customer Feedback: 97/100 97%
Industry Reputation: 95/100 95%
Guarantee: 67-Day Money Back
HENRY’s Rating: 92%


This amazing HGH supplement is the growth hormone booster that triggers the pituitary gland and causes it to produce more of HGH in the body. It is the natural dietary supplement that helps to reduce the signs of aging, improve overall health and offer a lot of other health benefits.

GenFX has been proven to be totally safe, doctor approved and effective with natural ingredients. Below we mention the ingredients in GenFX that make it such a wonderful HGH releaser.

Plant ingredients– These ingredients consist of the things that are used in making herbal releasers. These include Panax ginseng powder, soy phosphate etc. While ginseng powder helps to improve circulation, soy phosphate is there to improve the memory and brain function.

Animal ingredients– The supplement also contains animal ingredients like the bovine anterior pituitary extract. This further helps in stimulating the pituitary gland to perform useful activities in the body.

Amino acids– As these are not produced by the body naturally, we need to have them in the form of some supplements. The amino acids are actually responsible for reducing fat deposit and for increasing muscle mass.

GenFX is a wonderful HGH supplement that is designed in a way that it replenishes the body’s lost level of vitality and youthfulness. It comes with a whooping 67 days money back guarantee which makes it a risk free product to use.

Finally, I believe that GenFX is a nice product that is effective, natural and safe. For all those who are concerned about their health should give it a try for sure.

You can get GenFX directly from the company at www.genfx.com directly. Grade A-

Frequently asked questions about HGH

Does HGH help in growing height?

This is one of the most common questions. Between the age group of 12 and 18, the body is still in the growing phase. During this period, HGH administration can help to add inches to your overall height. HGH is also an important part of treatment for children with problems like dwarfism. Between the age of 18 and 21, the growth plates on bones bind together and lock the height. HGH administration may cause the individual bones to thicken but at this age they will not be lengthened.

Is HGH helpful for women?

HGH for women is used widely. While women avoid testosterone and anabolic steroids for the fear of virilization or developing male characteristics, HGH is not at all into this. Women can safely use HGH and enjoy a lot of benefits like anti aging, weight loss, more energy etc.

Is HGH legal to use?

You can get legal HGH in US with prescription from the healthcare provider. Doctors prescribe the HGH pills for muscle wasting problems, dwarfism, muscle growth and other conditions.

Is it possible to lose weight with HGH?

HGH surely helps in losing weight as it makes the body less sensitive to effects of insulin. On top of that, it can help to hydrolyze the triglycerides that are a type of body fat. This means that HGH makes fat water soluble in nature so that they can be easily flushed out from the system.

What are the best HGH supplements?

You can get various types of HGH products in the market today. There are injections, sprays, pills, tablets, creams etc. The best HGH products are the FDA approved pills and sprays with all natural ingredients which trigger the pituitary gland to secrete HGH on its own rather than using any synthetic hormone.

Is it safe to use HGH?

A lot of doctors say that as synthetic HGH is same as natural one, it is safe to use it for some period of time. But at the same time remember that abuse or over usage of the HGH supplements may result in some unwanted side effects. So as long as you use the supplements with proper directions and responsibly, they can offer you the much-needed energy and boost.

Key Takeaways

Now, as you must have known about the best HGH supplements & HGH Pills out there or where can I buy HGH from, you can go ahead and try them as per your requirements and budget. I will give a detailed version of all these products through GenF20 Plus review, HyperGH 14X review and GenFX Review so that you can easily understand the working, effectiveness, benefits, and packages of all these HGH releasers and take a wise decision. If I have to pick 1 of these 3 GenF20 Plus will be my first choice as its most balanced supplement among all HGH releasers available these days. So enjoy Human Growth Hormone for Sale options and save your money. Above all, have a great body that you can flaunt for the years to come!